Annual Synopsis - 2011-2012
President - Seddon Polglase
"Reach Within to Embrace Humanity"
In a positive and busy year, a key item on Seddon’s agenda was the establishment of an administrative structure to better utilise the club’s vast talent. A restored committee system, together with Mike Grayson and Clive McGee’s ‘Vision Planning’ evening enabled new goals to be set and achieved.
Marina Grantham-Campbell’s Public Image committee ensured excellent publicity with community newspaper, radio and Facebook coverage, and new club brochures, all culminating in a District placing.
Thanks to Rob Jones’ Book Fair committee and constant weekly sorting supervision by Margaret Peapell and Graeme Stubbs the annual Book Fair engendered maximum club support and a splendid community response with a healthy net profit.
Fieldays car-parking, organised by Mike O’Connor and, with the assistance of Frankton Club, was another excellent fundraiser.
Tony Baggs’ Youth Committee sent four students to Science Summer Schools, one to RYLA and one to the Spirit of Adventure.
Rotary Readers led by Bill Parsonson had a full year culminating with a well-attended Children’s Christmas Party. Usborne dictionaries were again presented to Fairfield Primary’s senior leavers
Doug Haigh’s International committee continued support for Taveuni, sending school furniture and books, with a visit by Lyndon Clements and Graham Garden. Shelter Box, ROMAC and Veronica’s schooling also benefitted.
Peter Millar’s Centurion Fund boosted our RI contributions, and Polio Plus was again supported.
Les Robertson’ Social committee gave us Fishing Trips, a Christmas Party and a train trip.
Graeme Stubbs was honoured as a Paul Harris Fellow, Mike Cahill’s Paul Harris Pin was awarded by District 9930. Margaret Peapell and Doug Haigh were presented with Paul Harris Sapphire Pins. Geoff Martin received his Sapphire pin from District 9930.