Annual Synopsis - 2001-2002
President - Bruce Simmons
"Mankind is our Business"
This year began with a celebration of thirty years of Fairfield Rotary, attended by 120 people, including six Charter Members.
Club ‘firsts’ included the successful establishment of the Fairfield Community Market at Chartwell, the Fairfield Rotary Readers Programme at Fairfield Primary School, under the guidance of Michael Timmins, the investigation by a special committee chaired by Alan Jones of a Farm Location GPS project locating rural properties for emergency access, and providing help with planting 300 trees at Claudelands Park.

The outdoor furniture Raffle received enthusiastic support. The Noisy Silent Auction also helped funding, as did the sale of Christmas Puddings. Graffiti Cats continued their excellent graffiti-vanquishing work.
A grant was given to Insoll Avenue School to support Duffy ‘Books in Homes’. Two Inter-School Debates were well supported.
Club visits were made to Te Kuiti and to Huntly and the O’Reilly’s Coal Mine.
Twin Exchange, International Youth Exchange and RYPEN again featured.
Books, toys and clothing were sent to Fiji’s St Christopher’s Orphanage.
A Ukrainian-themed International Dinner was held.
Kevin Stephenson was honoured with a Vocational Award for his business excellence.
A fitting conclusion to this active year was the District 9930 Conference in Hamilton, organised by the Rotary Club of Fairfield and attended by Rotary International World President-Elect, Bichai Rattakul. Lorraine Bartlett chaired the Conference Committee, and Club attendance at over 50% earned Fairfield the District Attendance Trophy.